Marriage Certificate translations

In order to register a british marriage certificate in Poland, you should file a translation of marriage certificate in a Polish registry office or consulate. Apart from the translation of the marriage certificate, it is also required to provide translation of birth certificate of the spouse (if he or she is a foreigner).

The cost of translating british marriage certificate is £20 and standard turnaround time 2 to 3 working days. The documents must be translated accurately, which means the translator is not allowed to make any changes, e.g. add Polish characters or enter any missing names or other data. British registry office issues certificates with foreign characters, therefore you should ask the registrar to enter Polish characters onto the document if you have them in your name.

It is worth checking with the Polish registry office or consulate if the documents should have an Apostille certificate attached (which confirms that the document is legal and authentic). The cost of translating a Marriage Certificate with an Apostille is £25.

According to Polish regulations, certified translations are not attached to the original documents, however, both the translation and the original document must be presented at the office.