Plang Translations offers a broad range of translating services into Polish and into English. You can rely on Plang Translations whatever kind of translation you need.

Certified translations

We translate any kind of documents which need to be certified, eg: school certificates, diplomas, marriage, divorce, birth or death certificates, criminal record checks etc. The documents bear the translator’s official seal and confirmation of accuracy against the source document. They are accepted both by Polish and English offices and agencies.

Legal documents

We offer services for both companies and private customers. We translate contracts, agreements, wills, notary deeds, documents required by Home Office or Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration to apply for british or polish citizenship. We help with the correspondence between you and the Home Office or MOI in Poland.

Business and non-business

We translate contracts, agreements, invoices, Companies House certificates, reports, plans, advertisements or any other company documents you may need. We also translate documents for your bank, employer, school, insurance company, estate agent etc.


We translate any medical documentation you may need, such as, test results, letters from hospital, health books, sick notes, certificates etc.


I am a professional freelance interpreter and native speaker of polish.
I specialise in public service interpreting, which means interpreting for police, court, NHS, councils, schools etc. I also interpret for private persons, so do not hesitate to contact me if you need help communicating with your agent, landlord or bank.
Plang Translations offers services for business. I interpret at conferences, business meetings, job inductions. If your buisness partner from Poland is comming and you need help in communicating with them, contact Plang Translations and we can provide professional interpreting servies throughout their visit, no matter if you need interpretor at a formal or informal meeting.

Other services

Plang Translations offers a wide range of translating services. We translate websites, articles, documents, CV's, private correspondence or essays. Contact us and tell what kind of service you require and Plang Translations will do the best to satisfy your needs.

If you cannot find the service we offer, or you do not know what kind of translation you need, contact us and we will find the solution together.