Plang Translations

Plang Translations has been operating in the UK since 2008. We offer high quality sworn and certified translations from Polish and English. We guarantee that the translation will be recognised by Polish and British authorities. We take pride in high quality service and fast turnaround.

Certified translations

We translate any kind of document which needs to be certified, eg: school certificates, diplomas, marriage, divorce, birth or death certificates, criminal record checks etc. The document is stamped. This kind of certified translation is accepted both by Polish and English offices and agencies.

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Business and non-business translations

We translate any business documents, contracts, invoices, and any other documents you may need for your business. We also translate documents for your bank, insurance company or estate agent. Legal and technical translations are also available.

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We interpret for government departments, social services, police force, NHS, in court, in bank or any other places you may require. Interpreting at conferences, business meetings, or job inductions is also possible. Just let us know what kind of service you need.

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About me

My name is Anna Galutowska and I provide complete and comprehensive translating services to Polish and to English. I have a Master’s Degree in English language and diploma in translations awarded by the Wrocław University in Poland. I am listed in the Polish National Register of Translators and Interpreters (Polish Ministry of Justice).